Changes, or no?!
3rd Aug 2014 · Information · 0 Comments · Likes · Like

"Why change?" Some of you may be asking, I for one want the change. I haven't been on the server for a couple days due to photo shoots and stuff but the one thing that I noticed when I came on was that a lot of you are gaining money like crazy, users such as Newbies cannot enter into some mines like, A, B, C, D Mines. 

People like the OP's can access it due to the fact that they have enough money to rankup but Newbies do not so what we are going to do is enable some of the mines so people can enter into the basic mines which shouldn't be to hard for us but that isn't the case about the change, the change is that we want to enable commands for some of you users that donate or are even Mods / Admins which we will have a list of commands users with the follow ranks will recieve but the list wont be out just yet as it is still being check so the ranks that will get it are: Z-Prestige and others that will not be named just yet. (:

Updates, updates, UPDATES!!!!!
31st Jul 2014 · Updates · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

Theres a lot going on with our server, Markour and Quakster are working hard as technicians to get the server running smoothly and faster so we can play on it with minimal lag. 

People are wondering whats going on with all the reloads / restarts, we are just updating all the time don't worry it will be over in no time as we are finishing up some errors and fixing some plugins that cause us to reload soon it will be gone so we hope you enjoy the soon to be very updated server, XxitRealms.

Maintenance BREAK! July 28, 2014 CSL.
28th Jul 2014 · PORN shadowxd(: · Maintenance · 1 Comments · Likes · Like

   A scoreboard will be added to the prison server, this will have everything from your name to how much money you have and it updates every time something happens to you, eg. Gain money / Loose money.

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